After their divorce, she became an advocate for humanitarian causes and worked to combat landmines. Because of her introverted intuition, Lady Melisandre is a great strategist. Carl Jung Swiss psychologist who developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. Thomas Jefferson was a well-known INFJ statesman, diplomat, and philosopher who served as the third US President. Instead, she is guided by her inner values and her own vision of the future. Canadian singer. Your IP: Vision is portrayed by Paul Bettany. If they find something precious, they would much rather keep it closer to their hearts, much like what Nicoles words show us. Zelda is the princess of Hyrule. According to the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality test, INFJis one of the rarest of the 16 personality types,accounting for just 1-2% of the population. Today, the Harry Potter series is the best-selling book series of all time. In Rossettis famous sonnet, Remember, she introduced themes like love, death, and reaction to ones death, which aligns with the sensitive and empathic nature of the famous INFJ people. People with INFJ personality type know no bounds when it comes to creativity. Below are 32 famous people who identify as INFJ or have been identified as INFJ for their strong character traits that fit the Counselor personality type. However, what makes her an accurate portrayal of the INFJ personality is the fact that she expects more from life than just following her village traditions. Next to her insightfulness, she is also a skilled diplomat, while still being wary of mortal motivations. As a result, Alanis Morissette has won one Brit Award, 14 Juno Awards, and seven Grammy Awards, with twice as many Grammy nominations. This may be due to his background, as he grew up in a deeply religious household, or because he found his own meaning in this matter. Only the songs say the same thing, arouse the same feeling, in everyone. Felix Mendelssohn. He makes use of the dominant INFJ cognitive function, introverted thinking (Ni), to predict Anakin's descent into evil. Below are five famous authors and writers with an INFJ personality type. Diana was killed in a car crash in 1997. Rossetti printed a volume of her poems titled Verses that attracted little attention, but her first published collection, Goblin Market and Other Poems, brought her to fame. Sometimes when I think about my own personality, I wonder if I am an INFJ type. Stricken by an incurable illness that left her deaf and blind, Helen Keller became one of the leading humanitarians of the 20th century. She is the most successful female tennis player of all time and has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles. A fictional character from J.R.R. Hill was part of the hip hop group Fugees before starting a solo career and releasing her album called The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which broke several records in the 1999 Grammy Awards. Razor is a boy with incredible intuition who was raised by wolves. Hes able to understand other people better than they understand themselves. Learn everything you need to know about the INFJ door slam, including its causes, stages, recovery tips, how to avoid it, and more. Jigsaw is clearly guided by his introverted intuition. However, INFJs are very susceptible to criticism and receiving it may trigger this otherwise gentle personality type and turn them dark. As such, its clear that he easily sacrifices himself for the greater good, and like many INFJs, puts other people first. He expressed himself very abstractly in conversation and had very deep spiritual thoughts, which are expressed through his music. So, lets take a deeper look at the INFJs who have shaped the world we live in. 6 personal growth tips for INFJs included! Even when hes ridiculed, Atticus doesnt betray his values but continues to treat every person with empathy, dignity, and respect. This guide delves into their characteristics, needs & more. Carl Jung married Emma Rauschenbach in 1903, seven years after he first met her when she was still a schoolgirl, and predicted that she would be his wife someday. 5 Character Portraits of Typical INFJ Fictional Characters INFJ stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging, and this personality type is also known as the advocate. Lady Melisandre is one of the most mysterious Game of Thrones characters. Professor X is very reliable when it comes to giving others emotional support and nothing puts him down more than not being able to help those in need. As a mature INFJ fictional character, Yoda has mastered both his secondary extraverted feeling (Fe) function and tertiary introverted thinking (Ti) function. She doesnt like small talk and instead prefers to gain a deeper understanding about the inner world of people around her. Vote up your favorite INFJ characters, and downvote any you don't like as much on this INFJ fictional characters list. The song Anna e Marzio from his 3rd album won him the second prize at the National Competition for storytellers. Platos INFJ passion for improving lives shows in his emphasis on education. Pakistani activist for female education and youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. American comedian, television host, actress, and writer. INFJs also make very good psychologists and counselors, given their natural empathy toward others. However, Teds introverted thinking clearly isnt his strongest suit - his actions are often illogical and counterproductive. Icelandic singer-songwriter, producer, and actress. Falco is an Eldian child who has settled in Marley's territories. Among Williams commissioned works for the concert stage are The Five Sacred Trees and Seven for Luck. Tori Amos is an American singer, songwriter, pianist, and famous INFJ. Carl treats Markus (INFJ) as his own son and teaches him the similarity between humans and machines and that Markus has his freedom of choosing what he can be. Under Armed Love Militia, Balk has released songs such as White Lilies and Dream 45. This personality type also makes for a great lead in a book or film. Razor is also very loyal to his pack, and although he doesnt meet many people, he still has a friendly attitude whenever he encounters another human being. The INFJ personality type is apparent in Pachacutis leadership and passion for bringing positive change to his people. TheCoolist is a mood board for your headspace. She is also the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. INFJ females account for around 5.6% of the female population, while INFJ males account for 2.5% of the male population. Like a true INFJ, he was extremely devoted to his cause, and his conviction in his ways was so great that no one could persuade him otherwise. Mendelssohns most notable works include the Reformation Symphony and the overture and incidental music for William Shakespeares play A Midsummer Nights Dream. In recognition of her work and influence, Eleanor Roosevelt was posthumously awarded the first ever UN Human Rights Prize. So there are the three reasons why I think INFJs are so often obsessed with fictional characters. INFJ stands for introverted (I), intuitive (N), feeling (F), and judging (J). This can sometimes prove to be difficult, as INFJs always have one foot set in the land of imagination and possibilities. The difference between ISFJ and INFJ personalities comes down to their drive. Bonnie is the main female character in the Vampire Diaries, portrayed by Kat Graham (INFJ). For many INFJs, discovering their personality type is a wonderfully affirming moment. A prominent theme in his films was that of spirituality and the metaphysical which is a clear sign of his Intuitive nature. As a statesman, Thomas Jefferson is known for his democratic leadership style and his patience and willingness to hear others opinions, typical for famous INFJ people who are attentive listeners. If Im not training, at least Im still eating right, staying hydrated, and recovering properly. Here are some famous ISTJs: POLITICIANS & WORLD LEADERS George Washington src Queen Elizabeth II src Condoleeza Rice src ISTJ politicians value working within the system and protecting their country's traditions. According to a study from Ball State University, famous INFJ people have great insight into people and carry strong convictions. The spiritual and political leader of India between 1921 and 1948, Gandhi became a world symbol of non-violence. The traits of an INFJ include insight, focus, altruism, empathy, creativity, and perfectionism. Williams is a fierce competitor who displays many INFJ qualities, such as her passion for the game and her dedication to her fans. But what shaped Brooks acting career was her INFJ traits of meticulousness and integrity, prompting her to leave the major studio after being denied the raise she was promised. Amy uses her introverted intuition to create an elaborate plan to ruin her husbands life. Christina Rossettis successful book includes her greatest poems, such as When I am dead, my dearest, and Remember. The title character for the French film Amlie (2001) is one of the most accurately portrayed INFJs in fiction. She is best known for her solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which won five Grammy Awards. In his various works, Plato came up with the influential theory of forms, epistemology, and the concept of platonic love. 44th President of the United States. Nicole Mary Kidman is an INFJ celebrity, actress, producer, and all-around A-list movie star. INFJs are known for their deep relationships with a few close friends. Here are several other characters from books, who share the INFJ personality type: The infamous Charles Xavier (also known as Professor X) also fits the description of an INFJ. Its important not to focus on yourself so much. Nicole Kidman. Vanessa Ives. This helps him translate his vision of defeating Voldemort through Harry Potter into a carefully considered plan, which he then follows through with. INFJ 6w7 Fictional Characters Yang Do-Hyeok (Nevertheless) Rumplestiltskin / The Coward (Once Upon a Time) Lee Shi Woo (Forecasting Love and Weather) INFJ 6w7 Anime Characters Yutaro Kurose (Chainsaw Man) Oohashi Umi (Qualia Under the Snow) Keita Amano (Gamers!) Later, in 2006, Kidman married country singer Keith Urban. INFJ personalities are introspective and intuitive, with a keen sense of intuition and insight. Chancellor of Germany and leader of the Christian Democratic Union. Even if you had plenty of friends, you never felt like you truly fit in. Curate your cool with TheCoolists reviews, round-ups, and deep dives. Swiss psychologist who developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. Neji was the most talented student in his class and came to the top in his exams. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. INFJs make for very dedicated and passionate actors. British actress and activist who rose to fame as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. In many episodes of the show, we can see her wavering under peer pressure but losing her authenticity in the process. I feel like if youre a really good human being, you can try to find something beautiful in every single person, no matter what. Lady Gaga. Many INFJs feel like old souls, so you can probably relate to her - after all, Karma has reincarnated multiple times. This is exactly what happened to Adolf Hitler, who was also an INFJ he is probably not the type of person you would expect to see on this list. Empathetic and self-sacrificing, Rose Bukater is another typical INFJ fictional character. The following Adolf Hilter quote captures the emotional personality of an INFJ. Will Graham. INFJs become their character on many different levels, including physically, spiritually and intellectually. A common characteristic of this personality type is their desire to be anyone but themselves around others, which is why they find it easier to slip into the shoes of someone they are not. Like a classic INFJ personality type, Alanis Morissette is a perfectionist and holds herself to a high standard, especially musically. Despite his deep scientific thought, he had an undeniable attraction to spirituality and religion. Motivated by her INFJ passion for leaving a positive impact on the world, Zendaya has served as an ambassador for Convoy of Hope since 2012. American author, poet, and civil rights activist. She served as First Lady from 1933-1945 and was a strong advocate for human rights and social justice. John Towner Williams is a famous INFJ composer, conductor, and pianist. Want to know what an unhealthy INFJ looks like? Lisa is also very sensitive to criticism and constantly seeks the approval of others. They are likely to view acting as a means to protect their identity, a shell they can successfully hide inside. INFJ celebrities are called the Counselor or the Advocate personality type because of their insightful, emphatic, and altruistic nature. He played his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers and is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. 2. However, introversion can keep INFJ economists out of the public eye. Galadriel is another INFJ fictional character that heavily uses both of her primary cognitive functions - introverted intuition and extraverted feeling. INFJs are good at seeing the big picture and understanding complex ideas. The following quote summarizes Helen Kellers archetypal Advocate personality. In true INFJ fashion, Nicole is also very driven, intuitive and soft-spoken. However, this is not the case The Sage is simply too entranced with leaving a positive mark on the world. There are even INFJ anime characters, such as Armin Arlelt from Attack on Titan and Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Mandela served as President of South Africa from 1994-1999. People with this personality type are often called the counselor or the protector. They are creative, gentle and caring people. But have you ever wondered which of your favorite characters might be INFJs just like you? Gandhis INFJ altruism and passion for championing Indian independence in the most non-violent way earned him the name Great Soul. Among his prominent non-violent campaigns include the Quit India Movement and the Salt March. Many people find that it helps them understand personality types better when they study some fictional characters, and therefore some of the best INFJ characters are as follows: Galadriel. Sarah Cothran brings INFJ creativity and passion in making her dreams as a musician come true. However, they might get too caught up in their perfectionistic tendencies if they are not careful. After releasing her debut album, The Fame, Lady Gaga released more successful albums like Born This Way and the 2014 Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett. Most notably, Thomas Jefferson advocated for the total separation of the church and state, wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, and founded the University of Virginia. Luka is the fifth person to become a Miraculous holder and his abilities include creating melodies through people's emotions. She loudly speaks out about social justice issues such as animal rights, which most INFJs can relate to. INFJ 4w5 Fictional Characters Joe Goldberg in You (A perfect example of an extremely healthy INFJ 4w5 *. Others, like Adolf Hitler, might take you aback. This can sometimes make her come across as stubborn but her experience has shown her that there is nothing more reliable than intuition and knowledge. Felix Mendelssohn was a famous INFJ composer, pianist, and conductor. INFJs make suitable personality types for fictional characters because their empathic and insightful nature makes them wise and well-loved. Florence Nightingale embodied the same INFJ penetrating mind and altruism in reducing the hospital fatality rate of soldiers during the Crimean War, which later influenced her career and advocacy for sanitary living conditions. Confused by the intensity in an INFJ's eyes? His teachings have helped millions of people find peace and happiness. 5 INFJ Fictional Movie Characters To start with, let's take a look at the most typical INFJ fictional movie characters: #1. Some INTJ cartoon characters are Scar from The Lion King and Belle from Beauty and the Beast . Read this article and find out all about the men with this personality type! Her sensitive and empathetic INFJ traits made her a compelling actress, able to slip into the characters she plays with so much brilliance. She is reserved, altruistic and determined. In his later life, Adolf Hitler showed traits of secretiveness and withdrawal, characteristics associated with the introverted INFJ. 2023 Oldtown Publishing LLC 479 State Route 17 N Albanian Catholic nun who founded the Missionaries of Charity, a religious order that helps the poor. The English author has a very vivid imagination, which is deeply rooted in folklore and myth. For her, its easy to spot underlying meaning and connection in places where there might not be one in the first place. If people from this personality type dont receive positive affirmation from others, they can quickly start challenging their own expertise. She often used her music to express her displeasure at civil rights injustice during her time. Like a classic INFJ, Lauryn Hill is passionate about making the world a better place, the reason she founded the organization Refugee Camp Youth Project to serve underprivileged youth. However, their thirst for knowledge about the way people think and behave compels them to never cease their quest. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. He is the lead vocalist of the rock band U2 and is well-known for his humanitarian work, which includes campaigns against AIDS, poverty, and global debt. As he puts it himself: My purpose is to make films that will help people to live, even if they sometimes cause unhappiness As previously mentioned, INFJs are very empathetic people who can easily understand others and connect to them. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Films created by INFJs might not be everyones cup of tea, but thats not a problem for this enigmatic personality type. They are also known for their strong intuition and for being able to see the potential in people. Dion is known for her powerful voice and her emotional ballads. Its not unusual for INFJ fictional characters to have the role of a mentor, sage, shaman, or mystic. A detailed INFJ career guide, including tips on choosing a fulfilling career, 5 best INFJ career paths, 4 worst INFJ career matches, and more. He was also a strong advocate for environmentalism and education. Phelps is known for his incredible athleticism and his determination to win. He does all in his power to ensure Daisy is happy and satisfied. When inspired, they can easily transfer that feeling to others by not being afraid to dream big and have a unique vision. Galadriel has a strong intuition and easily spots patterns in peoples behavior, allowing her to see how situations will unfold in the future. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an INFJ celebrity, actress, singer, and dancer who rose to fame for her comedic portrayals on the Disney Channel. While both these personality types have strong altruistic and warm characteristics, they differ in their execution. Are they creative, idealistic and caring? INFJstend to be creative, insightful, principled, and passionate altruists. In this article, you'll find the best creative, social, outdoor, and other INFJ hobbies! Learn about the 5 INFJ best matches, common relationship challenges, and more! Iconic quotes from INFJ characters often include or imply "I understand you more than you think". Edward Cullen, similarly, is in touch with other peoples emotions. She is a perfectionist and has an idealistic view of the world. Atticus Finch. INFJ stands for Introverted (I), Intuitive (N), Feeling (F), and Judging (J). He is the first African American president and is known for his progressive policies, such as increasing healthcare coverage and reforming the education system. Rand is best known for her novels, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, which promote her philosophy of Objectivism. Obi-Wan Kenobi is another typical INFJ fictional character. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was a famous INFJ and American political figure and activist best-known as First Lady to her husband, former US President Franklin Roosevelt. Being sensitive, these writers tend to write either more philosophical or emotional pieces, which explore the human condition. INFJs have innate creativity and sensitivity, useful traits for actors and actresses as they slide into different roles. The Doctor has been played by numerous actors over the years, but all of them have displayed INFJ characteristics in their compassion for others and their dedication to doing what is right. Notably she hasnt been willing to go in-depth about her personal life in interviews, stating that Im a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister. Angelou has received numerous awards and honors, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Sosuke Aizen from Bleach. There are plenty of other fields that INFJs have left a mark on film, philosophy, literature, and music, to name a few. This difference between ENTPs vs INFJs is easy to see; Debaters are quick-thinking extroverts who love to get into discussions and debate for any reason, while Advocates are more introverted and are driven by their values and empathy for others. Being strongly intuitive types, its not rare for INFJs to have a very rich inner world. These personality types share the core value of helping others and building meaningful connections in the process. Discover all the ins and outs of their prominent traits in this all-in-one guide! He is sensitive to the problems of others and often takes them on as his own, becoming deeply invested in finding a solution for them. Borsellinos INFJ honor was depicted in the biographical film A Judge of Honor. Actress Cate Blanchett has also spoken of herself as an "observer," and calls it a misnomer that all actors are extroverts. Paolo Borsellino was a prosecuting magistrate, and popular INFJ remembered as Italys anti-mafia judge. Very caring and empathetic, Charles Xavier is definitely guided by his Feeling preference. Mandelas influence was featured in various films like Invictus and his official film biography Mandela. Simon Whistler is a British media personality and a famous person with an INFJ personality type. Irish singer-songwriter and activist. As an INFJ he relies on his gut feeling which hardly ever fails. In it, a listener finds himself in a complex exploration of religion, politics, isolation, sexuality, romantic relationships, depression and loss. Armed with the INFJ passion and creativity, Louise Brooks set out for Europe and starred in German films Diary of a Lost Girl and Pandoras Box, both of which secured her name in film history. On top of that, Elizabeth isnt afraid to voice her opinions and stand up for herself, which is a challenge many INFJs face. From a young age, you felt different from the people around you. This is a great list of the 73 most famous people with the INFJ Myers-Briggs personality type. In addition to acting and dancing, Louise Brooks wrote a memoir titled Lulu in Hollywood. The INFJ celebrities listed below embody the most common feature of famous INFJ people. INFJs on the other hand are practical people who work towards their values-led goals with tenacity and drive. Deep inside, Jigsaw believes that hes doing a favor to the world and society as a whole, even though hes actually doing more harm than good. Here are 3 animated INFJ fictional characters you definitely have something in common with: Like most INFJs, Elsa is very private, intuitive, and future-oriented. American civil rights leader who was best known for his speeches calling for racial equality. INFJ Love: What Happens When an INFJ Falls in Love? Here's a list of some more INFP actors: Andrew Garfield, British-American actor ( The Amazing Spiderman; Hacksaw Ridge; The Social Network) Audrey Hepburn, English actress ( Breakfast at Tiffany's; Roman Holiday; My Fair Lady) Chloe Sevigny, American actress and designer ( Boys Don't Cry; American Psycho; Zodiac) Lisa Simpson is a very typical INFJ fictional character that most INFJs find relatable. American professional tennis player. Fictional characters are not by any means a substitute for real friends, but they can help fill an INFJ's hunger to learn about as many different people and perspectives as possible without wearing themselves out. At 35 years old, MLK Jr. was the youngest man to receive a Nobel Prize at the time. Vote up yourfavorite INFJ characters,and downvoteany you don't like as much on this INFJ fictional characters list. Learn about the differences between INFJ-A and INFJ-T subtypes. INFJ-A vs. INFJ-T: Personality Traits and Differences, HSP INFJ: A Guide to Understanding Highly Sensitive INFJs, 17+ Most Typical INFJ Anime Characters & Villains, 12 Unmistakable Signs of an Unhealthy INFJ [+4 Tips for Healing], A Comprehensive Guide to the Rare INFJ Male Personality, 11 INFJ Strengths and Weaknesses [W/ Personal Growth Tips], INFJ Career Guide: 5 Best Careers For INFJs [& Jobs to Avoid!
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